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Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast

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Mirror of PoC||GTFO

Apr 6, 2019

This week, Holly Graceful (@HollyGraceful, joined us to talk about her recent hardware reverse engineering blog series and her pen(etration) testing and security career in both public and private sectors. She tells us about how she entered the field via the military and some of those differences.

We discussed breaking down projects into smaller bites. We talk about why getting access to the JTAG (use it for...) port can be super easy in the consumer product and it may be more calculated than expected. The series ends with some key fob fun.

We do a minor round up of software defined radio and the USRP used with gnuradio.  We catch up on what Alvaro is doing with his SDRs.

Holly is working on more posts so stay follow to be updated with the latest.

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