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Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast

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Mirror of PoC||GTFO

Dec 6, 2017

A quick year end update and feedback show from just the hosts.

We cover  the Hackaday Superconference where we handed out stickers (track us down to get one of the last few). Key highlights that Alvaro missed first hand were:

Nov 6, 2017

This week we were joined by the incredible IC reverse engineer, Ken Shirriff. You may know him from his Hack A Day Super Conference talk in 2016 or his blog’s many posts (Counterfeit chips, ARM 1 chip, and Sinclair Calculator). We covered quite a number of restorations (Visual6502 project, 8008 microprocessor -...

Oct 13, 2017

We spoke with Micah Scott (@scanlime), the original inspiration for this podcast. She gave us a rundown of her past and current projects which run the gamut of consumer toys, art installations, and telling a story through technology exploration. Her past projects include coastemelt, Wacom tablet, and Fadecandy.

We also...

Sep 17, 2017

In this episode, Jen and Alvaro talk about some current events and some basic reverse engineering projects they’ve worked on.

Some of the topics covered were:

Radiolab episode

Vintage computer festival where Jen found @foone for all your floppy needs.

Reverse Engineering PCB’s with a synchrotron


Aug 30, 2017

In this episode, Jen and Alvaro chat with Dmitry Grinberg (

Some of the things we talked about: