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Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast

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Mirror of PoC||GTFO

Dec 27, 2019

Year end review of our favorite shows, what happened in the world, and what is next.

Jennifer Wang - Harry Potter Talk From Supercon 2018

Frontline episode Season 38 Ep 5- “In the Age of AI”

Xray van via @CreativeElctrn

SEM awesomeness via @nanographs and siliconpron via @johndmcmaster


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Oct 17, 2019

We welcomed Philip Freidin this week to the show to talk about his work in FGPAs and what kind of smart or least smart bets to take. We did spend some time to talk about how much Silicon Valley has changed by talking about cherries.

Sunnyvale landmarks

CJ Olson - for the cherries

Libby Watertower

Weird Stuff

Book on...

Sep 21, 2019

A listener of the show provided the long lost blog for the "leaked" C64.

And word on the street is that TiltFive's Kickstarter is coming Tuesday morning September 24, 2019. Follow along on @tiltfive or signup on the mailing list if you didn't already miss the...