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Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast

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Mirror of PoC||GTFO

Oct 5, 2021

Our guest, Jiska Classen (@naehrdine) is  a security researcher at University of Darmstadt (why, yes you can specialize in Security here) and focuses  on reverse engineering wireless things. She is a speaker at this year’s We did a deep dive on ROM patches on Broadcom chips. You'll want to listen to this episode if you are thinking about using iOS devices for your reversing. (Jan Ruge) (Dennis Mantz) - not be confused for eternal blue.

Nexmon --- Nexus monitor wifi (Jan Friebertshäuser)

Thumbs up - ARM function identification ​​ 

Checkra1n - bootloader to jailbreak on iOS.   

ToothPicker (Dennis Heinze, aka Dennis #2*) 

fpicker - Another/2 Dennis (Dennis Heinze) 


Frida objection 

“funniest fuzzer  ever wrote” (ComCenter but this has the parsing guts)

Obligatory video of AirTechno on AirTag.

AirGuard - android air tag app. 

* Sorry Dennis. You were just the second Dennis in this interview. Certainly this doesn’t reflect upon you as a person or a professional.