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Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast

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Mirror of PoC||GTFO

Dec 27, 2019

Year end review of our favorite shows, what happened in the world, and what is next.

Jennifer Wang - Harry Potter Talk From Supercon 2018

Frontline episode Season 38 Ep 5- “In the Age of AI”

Xray van via @CreativeElctrn

SEM awesomeness via @nanographs and siliconpron via @johndmcmaster


Other podcasts that you might not know about (as opposed to just Amp Hour, Embedded.FM, and HackADay Podcast):

Cybersecurity Sauna

We need to talk about infosec

Darknet diaries

Opposable Thumbs


Deep fakes (spotting) (creating) (faking)

Net Neutrality was repealed in June of 2018.




The Prestige

Note: we had a lot of interruptions that we tried to smooth over to moderate success but might impact your listening.

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